Arteddy is a nonprofit project. The founders have family, friends, little leisure and a regular job to make a living. We don’t have staff, we don’t have the money to pay salary - all we have are ideas and enthusiasm. So unfortunately we don’t have time to answer requests.

But we assembled a bunch of “Frequently Asked Questions”, with detailed answers for you. This self-guided tour even gives answers to questions you never would think of. Beyond that, Arteddy is easy to understand; the look and feel is similar to Facebook. Just look around, figure out how it works, be creative and experience the eddy.

That’s why we:

DO NOT ANSWER requests concerning User Support. See Frequently Asked Questions
DO NOT ANSWER requests concerning content we deleted or accounts we closed. See Terms of Use
DO NOT ANSWER requests in other languages than English or German.

Thank you for your understanding, Arteddy