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Arteddy is a non-profit project. The founders try to fund their investment, the maintenance and the development of the website by advertising revenue and sponsoring.


Your ”Question Ad Art” advertising on

Google AdWords is a strong and effective tool. But 99% of these ads are uninspired, boring and for most of us annoying. Besides, a Google ad banner on an art website like ours would clash horribly. That’s why AdWords on Arteddy is taboo.

Searching for a suitable and arty solution, Arteddy invented “Question Ad Art”; an extremely challenging advertising conception. Challenging especially for our clients. So, if you’re looking for something really different and striking for your advertising and if you are creative and brave enough to break new ground “Question Ad Art” might be your thing.

That’s how it works: Your question has to be as strong as our ad rules are strict. The only thing you can do is to design your alluring question on which our audience is dying to know the answer. Means no company, product, brand names or names of services, no slogans, statements, logos, images or website names. You can’t select neither the background color nor type, size or color of the font. Maximum 50 characters, maximum 1 upper case letter per word. Just THE question and a question mark. The ad will be shown as a large banner on the header of Arteddy for 6 seconds every minute and is linked to your website. The costs for early adopters are: USD 600 for 6 month or USD 900 for 12 month.

If you would like to place a “Question Ad Art” advertising on Please fill in the Contact Form including your question, your website and your postal address. We will review your request and contact you.

Thank you, Arteddy


Your Arteddy Sponsoring

If you like the idea of Arteddy and want to support us, you can become a sponsor. As a sponsor, you help us to found our investment, the maintenance and development of the Arteddy website. A sponsorship for two years costs USD 2.000. We honor all sponsors with a banner and a link of your choice on Arteddy. For your sponsorship, please fill in the Contact Form including your website and your postal address. Afterwards we will contact you.

Thanks for supporting Arteddy.